UFO Clubs Australia

UFO Clubs Australia

Belief in Extra Terrestrial Life is not something that has been predominantly influential in Australia as it has been in the United States, though this is especially due to the fact that the United States seems to garner the majority of alleged sightings and occurrences of phenomena. Australia, however, also has had its fair share of strange phenomena, enough so that even from the early 1970s Clubs and Groups, centred on the discussions and investigations of Australia’s “unearthly” occurrences, started to form up.

One of the most notable was the Centre for UFO Studies, a society that branched off its American counterpart, who were widely respected for being a through source and filter for many reports on UFO sightings and other paranormal activity. The Australian branch quickly gained popularity of its own and soon separated from its American roots and becoming what is now known as the ACUFOS, also known as the Australian Centre for UFO Studies. While certainly not alone in its field, the ACUFOS is regarded as one of the most well-known societies that is solely dedicated to extra-terrestrial studies within Australia. ACUFOS is a voluntary association that is focused in the studies of every aspect that occurs where extra-terrestrial phenomena is involved and is dedicated to giving the world a better understanding of it. ACUFOS draws together individuals from all around Australia into its ranks of membership and has so far established a web site where it publishes the many articles and findings of its members. ACUFOS are also published a continuing journal called UFO Quest, which reports on a number of selected topics that have been important to modern day research contributions to extra-terrestrial phenomena.

Despite the social stigma that many often relate to investigations and research into extra-terrestrials, the process of gathering and processing data, along with the creation of new hypotheses and concepts, is very much akin to that of every other scientific field; however, as the member of these clubs are usually no more than regular civilians, sometimes with no background in the traditional sciences, the accuracy and interpretation of these concepts can be misrepresented.

Because of this, there is an ever increasing need within the field for constructing proper “working hypotheses” that can allow the information to be better understood by the general populace who may only have a passing interest within the field. In the past, the usual way to present the research information was akin to simply saying “This is the data we’ve collected; we’ll let you do the work on deducing whether this is true or false.” The cause of this mainly lies partly at fault with the hesitance of researches in acknowledging the paranormal implications that their work represents. However with the interest in paranormal nuances on a constant and steady rise, and with more and more people joining societies like the ACUFOS, this is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Whether you’re looking to talk with like-minded individuals, looking for a way to phone home or are just a little bit curious about what lies beyond our planet, you’ll find that many UFO Clubs offer an open door to everybody who’s interested. Certain clubs additionally offer extras to members; ACUFOS offers its members a subscription to their journal, UFO Quest, for a small annual fee.

If you’re looking for more information, try a UFO Club near your local area, where you can find plenty of additional information on where to find what you’re looking for, as well as contact details and locations.

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