Why Should you Join a Cycling Club

Why Should you Join a Cycling Club

For the majority of people, cycling is simply a fun activity or even a way to get fit, but what do you do when you want to get more out of the experience? When you start asking yourself, what can I do next? How do I push myself further? The answer can be quite simple. Just join a local club!

Cycling is one of those rare sports that can be both fun by yourself or as a part of a group, and while some might prefer the solitary route, there are plenty of benefits of join a cycling club and riding with a ‘bunch’. When things start to get tough, you will have your companions to give you their support and encouragement and for newer riders, you can learn through the experience and advice of the more experienced folk. Whether you decide to simply take it easy and ride with a group, or decide to participate in race days, a club can offer another dimension to the sport that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

Local Clubs and Activities

The primary purpose for most cycling clubs existence is to promote the enjoyment of the sport, even though there are some people who take the sport a lot more seriously than others, the majority of fellow riders are there to help and enjoy their sport. There’s a place for all kinds of cycling enthusiasts. As such, joining a club can only enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

Of course, competitive cycling is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you try it and don’t enjoy it, simply get involved in the club activities that suit you and your goals.

At first, it may seem like there’s a steep learning curve, especially if you are racing under team orders where the interests of your fellow teammates must sometimes come above those of yourself. If that’s the case, then the help and advice of your fellow members will be invaluable in preparing you for what can be a nerve-racking first time on the competitive circuit. At the start, it’s not unusual for some riders to stay away from racing events, preferring the companionship and shared interests of the club; however some may experience the temptation to step up to the starting line for either off-road or road racing events. But it is another aspect of the sport and one you probably never imagined yourself getting into when you first contemplated investing in two wheels.

So, where do you look for a good club?

Well, the first stop is to simply search the web, through a local directory search engine like AussieWeb.com.au! They can give you plenty of information about the cycling clubs in or near your local area and you can find the kind of club that best suits you and your tastes.

For example, Canberra tends to be a rather popular place for ‘Off-Road’ Cycling and is well-known for its endurance races and competitions. The Geelong Clubs in Victoria are well-known for their many cycling events, and the Carnegie clubs tend to favour the competitive racers, but despite their differences both of which have long heritages dating back to the early 20th Century. However, while certain areas are famous for different reasons, there are hundreds of clubs throughout Australia, all offering something unique.

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