What is Landscape Construction?

What is Landscape Construction?

If you’ve ever thought about having any landscaping work done to your property, whether it be your home or your business, then you may have run into the phrases “landscape construction” and “landscape design”. Though they both sound like they’re the same thing, there’s actually quite a big difference between the two. So the real question is, which do you call? The landscape design company or the construction company?

What’s the difference?

The key difference is that a landscape design can either be a concept piece, typically a Computer Aided Design drawing, or it can be a sketch of the completed project. Essentially it is the ability to pan out the look of a landscape through a more aesthetic point of view. It’s their job to make your garden look good, while it’s the job of landscape constructors to make that vision a reality. In some particular cases, you might find designers and constructers working together.

Some of the skills associated with landscape construction include:

  • To Design, estimate the cost of, and prepare quotes for jobs
  • To interpret a landscape architect’s plans and complete the job
  • Horticultural Skills
  • Construction Skills
    This includes the ability to lay pavers, set up retaining walls, pave large areas
  • Planning and constructing drainage and irrigation systems

Certain construction specialists are able to take on larger projects than what most can handle, naturally this not only takes a certain amount of skill and experience, but also requires a specific licence in order for them to carry out work over the specified limit. The most common examples of this are larger country estates, and civic regions such as parks that require a heavy amount of maintenance.

Types of Landscape Construction Jobs

To better understand the kind of jobs a landscape constructor might involve themselves with, let’s take a step back and take a look at it from a much broader view. In short, there are three types of jobs that landscape construction companies take, which are Residential, Commercial, and Civic.

Residential jobs usually involve a huge amount of variety in styles, terrain and landscapes, which can involve landscape a large country estate, to simply setting up a small terrace and garden in a small house in the suburbs.

Commercial jobs have a smaller range of variety, which includes jobs like al fresco cafes, large shopping centres, even gardening stores.

When it comes to Civic construction, landscaping companies are put in charge of civil construction responsibilities, which includes maintaining and restoring children’s playgrounds or to tend large parks.

How to Choose a Landscape Construction Company

The majority of companies and sole proprietors who style themselves as “landscape designers”, or more commonly known as “landscape architects”, typically work either side by side an already well-established landscape construction company or do the construction work themselves. So in reality, while there are certain differences between the two, it doesn’t really matter who you choose in the end. What does matter are their credentials and their insurance, which is something you should verify with them before proceeding with any sort of quote or job order.

It’s a good idea to talk with them when it comes to the kind of job experience they have, specifically in what type of constructions they specialise in as your garden might need specific construction needs, for example, a patio deck or a fish pond, a gazebo or other structures.

If you need some landscaping in your yard, contact either a Landscape Designer, a Landscape Architect or a Landscape Gardening service nearest you.

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