The Real Truth Behind Spider Pest Control

The Real Truth Behind Spider Pest Control

In Australia, spiders are an unavoidable fact of life and are a part of our natural environment. While some spider may look scary, or even threatening, most spiders you might come across are either the non-aggressive kind and/or have a non-poisonous bite. However, there are some spiders that are not only aggressive, but both their bite and/or venom can cause you serious harm, and in some cases, they can even be lethal.

Spider Prevention

The fact is Spiders are actually quite timid creatures and, more often than not, will only bite in self-defence. Their presence can be great for controlling cockroaches and other annoying insects that may invade your home. While it can be beneficial to leave them alone, if you have kids in your home and are concerned for their safety, or if you simply don’t like them, then you can try some of these tips to help you out:

  • Make sure to seal any cracks or crevices in and around your home.
  • Roll up some towels, or just use door stoppers, to seal off the gaps your doors can leave.
  • The fewer insects you have inside your home, the fewer spiders that will come around looking for a snack. It’s as simple as that.
  • Turn off any outside lights at night as these tend to attract insects to your home, as well as spiders.
  • Keep your garden neat and trim as this will allow spiders less spaces and areas to hide in cover under.
  • Clean out any spider webs you might find and dispose of any egg cases too.
  • Be careful when going outside after a storm, a recent downpour, or even an insecticidal treatment, as they can disturb ground-dwelling spiders from their homes.

However, all of these are only temporary solutions.

How to get Rid of Spiders

The best way to rid yourself of spider in your home is to rely on direct contact insecticides. Spiders are able to close off their lungs for several hours or more, so airbourne insecticides aren’t always effective. Using blanket spray treatments against spiders can provide positive results if you’re trying to clean out any ground-dwelling spiders, especially so if the infestation is particularly severe. Before you get involved into anything like that though, it’s a good idea to first consult with a pest technician, they will help you identify your spider problem and if you have an infestation or not. The technician can carry out a full inspection on your property which will ensure that nooks, crannies and crevices are properly treated as well. It’s important you identify and take care of all possible hiding places for spiders to crawl into, as once spiders have established themselves in a fixed place, they can be very difficult to exterminate without the need of professional aid.

If you’re looking for more information, or want to find a spider control expert in your local area, try out, where you can find plenty of additional information on where to find what you’re looking for, as well as contact details and locations.

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