Switching to Satellite Services

Switching to Satellite Services

Why you should switch to a Satellite-based system:

Satellites are able to provide companies and business, both large and small, with a quick, deployable method to access a massive range of communication needs and universally accessible feeds. Many companies have already switched to doing business through satellite-based solutions, and rely on it to transfer vital communications around the world due to its universally supported technology.

In addition, any satellite-based solutions can provide a cost-efficient and flexible method to support:

  • Both fixed, and wireless, voice and data communications
  • Enterprise networking
  • Financial transactions
  • Internet connections
  • Satellite video transmissions
  • Distribution networks

Several key factors to consider when installing a Satellite-based system:

Every network setup for a satellite tends to be unique and is dependent on the right choice between three specific factors. There are:

  • The volume of traffic required
  • The geography of the network
  • The specific application

Take these points into consideration beforehand when looking into a satellite solution to suit you and your businesses requirements. The majority of companies that deal with the installation of Satellites are able to help you come up with an ideal solution for your needs, so it’s important to outline them beforehand to get the best possible installation and to get the most out of your satellite-based system.

The Benefits of a Satellite over Terrestrial alternatives:

Satellite communications are now accessible from virtually any location in the world as it only requires a small constellation of satellites to cover the Earth's entire surface in a single unified network. The power behind even a single satellite far outstrips the potential that any regular terrestrial-based network is able to achieve on its own.

Satellites have the capability to support all of today's communications needs, whether they be transactional and multimedia applications, or video, voice, cellular networks. Thanks to its wide range of coverage, it can bring broadband internet to the last mile of residences and businesses. It also delivers a communications infrastructure to areas where terrestrial alternatives are unavailable, unreliable or simply too expensive to install.

Satellite is a proven medium for supporting a company's communications needs. Whereas terrestrial IP networks are often a mix of different networks and topologies, with different level of congestion and latency. Satellite networks are extremely predictable allowing constant and uniform quality of service to hundreds of locations, regardless of geography. A Satellite-based systems' inherent strength as a broadcast medium makes it ideal for the simultaneous distribution of bandwidth-intensive information to hundreds or thousands of locations.

Unlike most terrestrial alternatives, satellite networks can be rolled out quickly and inexpensively to hundreds or thousands of locations, connecting cities or remote locations across a large landmass, where copper or fiber is cost prohibitive. Since satellite networks can be set up quickly, companies can be fast-to-market with new services.

They can be easily integrated to complement or extend any currently installed communications network, helping overcome geographical barriers, terrestrial network limitations and other constraining issues in a business’ infrastructure.

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