Spray Tan or Tanning Beds?

Spray Tan or Tanning Beds?

Whether it has been a pretty dreary summer or you are In the heart of winter and need some colour, you may have been left wondering whether a spray tan or a tanning bed would be the best option for you. It doesn’t matter who you ask, or whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, there is never a shortage of people and businesses spruiking the pros and cons of both. So let’s have a look and see how each work so you can decide on your preferred tanning method.

Sunless Tanning - Spray Tans and how they work

A spray tan is essentially that, a ‘spray tan’. The tan you receive is a mixture of chemicals and ingredients designed to work in conjunction with your skin to give it the look of skin that has been tanned by the sun.

Spray tans have grown in popularity ever since the connection between sun exposure and skin cancer was discovered. People invariably decided that sitting in the sun or in any high UV concentrated environment could be damaging to their health and looked for safer alternative methods.

Effective sunless tanning

Even though there are many types of spray tans or sunless tanning techniques, sprays that use dihydroxyacetone are regarded as the most effective since it is not a staining agent or a type of paint but a chemical that reacts with the skin in order to colour the skin brown.

Sun Beds or Tanning Beds

Sun beds use a high level of ultraviolet radiation to mimic the effect direct sunlight would have on your skin. Note this also includes the noted adverse effects that exposure to UV light can have on a person that includes skin cancer premature skin-aging. The adverse effects are even regarded by the World Health Organisation who specifically point out that they do not recommend people use UV tanning methods.

Today Sun beds are becoming more popular in the home and you are able to find a host of Tanning Machine Suppliers willing to sell you a tanning machines that can be used in your own home. The price of these units can set you back several thousand dollars depending on the number of lamps, frequencies and size. This can be an expensive on off purchase but for those looking at spending a lot of time in a salon, the purchase could be cost effective in the long run.

The distinction is obvious between a spray tan and a tanning bed. In terms of appearance, a tanning bed may give the more natural result as it is designed to mimic the effect of direct sun light, however the effects it could have on your health must be considered carefully.

On the flip side, a spray tan can at times appear less natural however its adverse effect on the body in most cases is minimal and this is the reason many people taking the spray tan route over using a tanning bed or visiting a tanning salon.

Whatever your preferred method is, you can find your closest spray tan specialist, tanning salons or mobile tanning suppliers here on AussieWeb.com.au.

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