Real Estate Sales Advisory Services and Consultants

Real Estate Sales Advisory Services and Consultants

Even with the increasing trend of homeowners resorting to selling their properties privately, rather than going through the hassle and uncertainty of a live auction, consulting a real estate consultant is still one of the most important steps you need to take if you’re looking to sell your property.

Finding the right agency and agent to help you is a very crucial component when it comes to the sales process as these experts can help you effectively market your property and help you obtain he best possible price.

What you should expect in an Advisory Consultant

When looking into both real estate agents and agencies, you should be aware of your personal chemistry between yourself and the consultant, whether you like or dislike them. This can be a very important part of the process as it is necessary for you to be comfortable with the agent you’re working with as not only will they be with you for the long run of the sale, but they will also be representing you to any potential buyers.

Other than being comfortable with the agent you’ll be working with, they should also be very well-organised, with quick access to all of their processes, systems, documentation so that should you find a buyer, they can quickly put together a sale. In the end, what you should be looking for in terms of good performance is a consultant that can put together an effective marketing campaign that aims to maximise the potential buyers who would be interested in your property.

Evaluation Criteria

There are several points you need to consider when you’re evaluating an advisory consultant, any of which can seriously affect the final price that you fetch for your property.

Commission: This is a negotiable, but unavoidable, aspect of any property sale and can vary depending on the area and suburb in which you live in, and your own negotiating skills. The standard cut of commission can be anywhere between two to five per cent of the final sales price.

Estimates: The majority of consultants are only really able to give you a rough estimation or appraisal of the potential sale value of your home; however they should be able to provide a licenced evaluator to perform an official evaluation of your property.

Marketing Strategies: Your agent should be able to provide you with a solid campaign plan ahead of time, which must go into detail on how your property will be marketed, where and what the rough total cost of it will be. Most Agencies have pre-prepared plans that their agents will follow and will give you a number of flexible options.

Local Knowledge: This is a very important aspect as your consultant should have a very good knowledge of the area and the property market that they are selling in, and ideally, they should live within the suburb itself.

Qualifications: This goes without saying, but it is important that your consultant, and the agency they work for, have all the required professional qualifications and affiliations. It is also a good idea to talk with them about any recent sales they may have handled within the area.

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