Importance and Types Of Rust Proofing

Importance and Types Of Rust Proofing

Rust is basically a reddish brown coating of iron oxide on metal that forms when the steel or iron is exposed to air and moisture. So in essence when iron from a metal gets in contact with air and water it will start to rust. The speed at which it will do so depends on the presence of salt, hence why cars around beach suburbs have traditionally been subject to an abnormal amount of rust.

What Does Rust Do?

A rusted metal means the iron and the core strength of the metal becomes degraded and therefor weakens the properties of the metal. If left long enough without being treated the metal will eventually disintegrate which can lead to disastrous consequences especially on major structures such as bridges and buildings.

Type of rust proofing

Standard factory rustproofing – this is rustproofing that is already done in the manufacturing stage. This has become more and more prominent in the car manufacturing industry where electrically charged systems are implemented on the body of the cars adding layers of protection to the body of the car.

GalvanisationGalvanising is the application of a protective layer of zinc to protect the metal. This application usually involves the hot-dipping of the metal in zinc. Galvanising isn’t 100% effective in some cases the protection can fail in joints, cracks and places where the coating may be compromised.

Painting and Coating of the Metal – Paint and certain coats can be used to cover and isolate the metal from water and oxygen. The paint can be various forms of rust prevention paints and the most popular are the wax based examples, used commonly in cars.

Plating – Similar to Galvanising, plating can use Zinc or Tin based metals to cover the metal to isolate it from elements that would make the metal rust. Another form of coating is that of chrome plating, popular for its bright and flashy appearance.

Do you need rustproofing?

If you are reading this article then chances are there is a concern regarding rust and its prevention methods whether it may be on a car, boat or around the house. With new cars that are used normally on the road, the need for rust proofing is minimal. However if you tend to use your car or 4WD for off road purposes, racing or other activities which could lead to scratches and dents then rust proofing may be an avenue worth enquiring about. This goes for all boats, trailers and other metal objects which are subject to rusting more than a standard vehicle.

To further enquire about rustproofing services you can find your local rustproofing professional.

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