Hair Removal Services and the Growth of Laser

Hair Removal Services and the Growth of Laser

The hair removal services are becoming more and more popular these days with alternatives to standard shaving and waxing growing ever more popular. On top of that, hair removal is no longer the domain for only women as men are getting in on the act choosing to get rid of hair they simply don’t like, something that may not have been so socially accepted 10 to 15 years ago.

Currently you can choose from the standard waxing procedure through to various types of laser removal options. The main reason for choosing laser is simply due to the fact that the removed hair takes longer to grow back with many claiming the removal can be permanent. Essentially this can prove misleading as ‘permanent’ hair removal requires multiple laser treatments over a prolonged period of time hence why the current trending term is permanent hair reduction. Another benefit is the distinct lack of ingrown hairs which can be quite common among people who choose to wax their hair.

Brief History

Laser hair removal, although it seems like it’s the current big thing, has actually been around for quite a while. As early as the 60’s people started experimenting with laser hair removal, however these lasers were not up to the task. In wasn’t until the 80’s did lasers start to have an effect on hair removal although the process proved too tedious and expensive. It wasn’t until the late 90’s and early 2000’s did laser really start taking off as the prices started to drop (still expensive in comparison to waxing). Today laser has really taken off, with most salons providing the service in various forms.

What Type of laser is best?

Picking the right type of laser hair removal service really depends on what you want and also what type of skin and hair thickness and colour you have. Each laser has a different wavelength and frequency meaning it will react to hair and skin differently and it is best to do your research online as there are many forums dedicated to the topic. Work out what is best for your skin type and go from there. Lasers available today include but are not limited to:

  • IPL
  • Diode Laser
  • Yag Laser
  • Alexandrite Laser
  • Ruby Laser


Laser pricing has always been a big concern among people considering to use laser. It generally costs more than the usual waxing treatment but today with the introduction of more salons offering laser hair removal the price of the service is continually dropping.

To find your local hair removal specialist you can search the directory whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or pretty much anywhere in Australia.

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