Got Slice, Get a Golf Lesson

Got Slice, Get a Golf Lesson

What is the point of Golf?

Excluding the obvious answer of getting the ball into the goal, Golf is a sport that is played as a professional game, but for the everyday person, it’s commonly thought of as a way to relax and unwind. It is considered both a simple game, but also a challenging one. Yet a game isn’t much fun unless you know how to play it well, what’s the difference between knowing how to play gold, and really knowing how to play?

Tips for Beginners

Every golfer needs to understand the key to greater driving distance. What golf driving tips are going to be those to give you an improved swing that’s just loaded with power? There are dozens of driving tips and swing tips to help you drive the golf ball better, however here are four that will certainly help get you started.

The Height of the Tee
When looking at the massive sizes of modern club heads, you have to wonder, ‘Now that I have the power, how exactly do I hit the ball for that great arcing shot?’ It’s simple, adjust your tee. The trick is that if you Tee the Ball too low, it will encourage a descending blow, not the ascending blow that you want and it will result in a massive loss of distance.

Ball Positioning
Now you know the height where your tee has to sit at, next you need to know where it actually goes, positioning the ball just right is important if you want to get that long shot. Many handicapped golfers position the ball close to the centre of their stance encouraging a descending, rather than an ascending blow on the ball. The correct golf ball position to maximise launch angle and distance is simply within your left or forward heel.

Full Turn behind the Golf Ball
In order to give yourself a chance to come back into impact while behind the ball, you must turn fully behind the golf ball before delivering a powerful blow into its back on the upswing. There have been many amateurs who just end up making a short backswing, and hanging on their left side before sliding past the golf ball, causing a “swipe” golf swing that either goes weak to the right, or just slices.

Relax Your Muscles for Higher Club head Speed
A common mistake among a lot of amateurs is to think that bunching up your muscles and your power, to deliver a quick, strong swing will get you the results you want. However, many of the professionals of the course will tell you the exact opposite, you need to swing easy with both flow and power behind the driver, all in a single, fluid motion. This is much like the case it is with tennis, where you get more power from a follow through then just simply smacking it as hard as you can.

If you’re looking to find golf lessons online or a local place to practice your drive, look it up through, where you’ll find all the information you’ll need on your nearest golf club and 18 hole course.

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