Roof Tiling & Choosing The Right Tiles And Service

Roof Tiling & Choosing The Right Tiles And Service

Roofing and roof tiles are no longer just a practical and essential addition to a home but are now becoming as much of an aesthetic element as opposed to something purely functional. Today there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from as well as designed to suit the kind of roof you have as well as your own personal preference.

Terracotta or Concrete?

This is probably the first choice you will need to make. Terracotta tiles are baked earth products designed to provide good looking as well as long lasting protection and resistance. In addition to its ability to withstand the elements is that since the ‘clay’ colour is already its natural colour, it will never fade and change unlike painting surfaces, even in Australia’s ultra-harsh climate. For centuries terracotta tiles have been popular which shows the longevity of this material.

Concrete is the other form of roof tiles you can choose. Concrete provides probably greater options in terms of shapes and sizes and is also the more cost effective roof tile when compared to its terracotta counterpart. Concrete itself is extremely strong and does not weaken over time however its appearance may change due to the elements depending on whether it is painted and the type of paint that is used.


There are hundreds of styles to choose from and choosing the right shape depends on factors such as design elements, the inner support of the roof, and even the climate. Understanding these factors will help you determine tiles you should stay away from and those that will be more suitable based on your circumstances.


Choosing roof tiles give you the flexibility of selecting a style and a design that suits you and you can design a multifaceted roof with tiles that not only look good but will aid to the appearance of the building. Another benefit of sticking to roof tiles is that they reduce noise considerably compared to alternatives and in some cases the difference can be halved by taking the roof tile option.

Whether you choose to take the tile option could also be based on where you live in Australia whether it be Sydney, Melbourne down to the suburb you live in. Having completely contrasting roof styles could cause a few aesthetic issues depending on the houses around you. Other factors that you need to consider include the climate of the area you are in and also the budget you may have to work with.

To find a roof tiling professional and get expert advice on roofing tiles, contact one of the many roof tiling experts in your local area.

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