Accommodation For Backpackers

Top 10 Tips for a Great Adventure!

No. 1. Don’t over-complicate it!
The most important thing is to be flexible, have a short list of everything you want to accomplish, and leave the parts in between blank. The whole point of backpacking is for it to be an adventure and an experience! There are plenty of other backpackers out there and it’s easy to make new friends along the way, so be spontaneous and don’t fix yourself into a set schedule, or else you might regret it later.

No. 2. Be Safe, Be Insured.
Perhaps one of the most important things to arrange before you can even start your adventure. When you’re on the road and watching what you spend, the last thing you need is to wind up at the Doctor’s office or even a Hospital and not have some sort of cover to protect you from paying from your hip pocket.

No. 3. Be cautious with your money.
There’s always the chance that you might get robbed and there’s always a chance you might just misplace your money. The best rule of thumb is to keep only a small amount of money with you at any one time, and keep it separate from your cards. There are ATMs spread around in every nook and corner around Australia, and many stores will accept a credit card, unless you decide to blow all your cash, there’s no need to worry.

No. 4. Keep your money in a safe place.
While money belts are often a popular way to conceal your cash and cards, keeping them separated and located in several places will help minimise the risk of potential theft and danger to you if you get stuck with an empty hip pocket.

No. 5. Know your destinations.
As a backpacker in Australia it’s important to know what you’re looking for in an adventure and knowing what to expect in the places you visit will really help maximise the enjoyment of it. Here are a few popular places that you might want to visit:

  • Sydney
    Easily one of, if not the most, popular places to visit in Australia, Sydney is an extraordinary city boasting many famous entertainment locations and an exhilarating vibe. It doesn’t matter what you go looking for, you can find it in Sydney City.
  • Byron Bay
    Byron Shire, sitting on the edge of Australia’s most easterly border, is famously known for its music festivals, expansive beaches, and sprawling bushland.
  • Melbourne
    This is Australia’s premier city for festivals and events. It is wildly regarded as the Art Capital of Australia boasting many historic sites, art galleries, and museums.

No. 6. Grab a Guidebook!
Guidebooks are a great handbook for any backpacker as they give you plenty of information on sightseeing, transportation and accommodation, and will really help make your backpacking experience a lot more easy and a lot more fun!

No. 7. Find a pair of comfortable shoes.
It might seem silly at first, but having a good pair of comfy walking shoes will save you a lot of discomfort. Whether you’re planning to hike across the country side, or simply spend a night out on the town, these will save your life and your feet!

No. 8. Pack Sparsely.
Resist the urge to bring your own things from home, with so much to explore and find, you’re going to need to save as much bag space as possible otherwise you’re going to be lugging around a heavy pack for your entire trip, and let’s not forget the souvenirs!

No. 9. Keep a Diary.
Keeping a Diary or a Journal is an easy way to keep track of your journey, and a great way to keep those cherished memories alive as time passes. It will help remind you of all the good times you had and all the mistakes you made, so you won’t make them again the next time. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with friends and share your stories, and, of course, this leads to…

No. 10 Staying in touch!
While it’s great to have your friends follow your adventures, it’s also a good idea to keep connected with them via social networking websites so that they can keep tabs on you and make sure you’re safe, and if you’re ever in need of help, you know that it’s simply a tweet away.

So check out our full list of Backpackers Accommodation locations or get in touch with a travel agent near you and start planning your backpacking trip today.

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